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We will be closed on Christmas Day, December 25, and Tuesday, December 26. Open Wednesday, December 27 thru Saturday, December 30 – 9am to 4:30pm. Closed New Year’s Day, January 1. Open Tuesday, January 2. Happy Holidays!!

Sharpening Schedule

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Andersson & Copra

Joel Andersson and Adisa Copra are the couple behind Andersson Copra, making handmade folding and kitchen knives in their versatile workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden. The talented duo met while studying metal design and have spent the last decade working with metal in various forms, from bronze casting to forging to making knives. By listening to their customers and fine-tuning their designs, they have found that making knives by hand allows them to achieve the ideal knife. Simple, perfectly balanced blades, thin behind the edge and with slight convex grinds, each heat treated individually, are hallmarks of their bladesmithing.

Simple, elegant, function-forward design and superb fit and finish result in impeccably created blades that perform at the highest level. Refined, convex edge geometry, handle comfort, and the regular use of top quality Swedish-made materials sourced locally, leave nothing to want. A combination of cutting-edge, proprietary techniques and trusted, traditional hand tools deliver an heirloom-quality product that will both stand the test of time and satisfy the most user.

What does handmade mean to Andersson Copra? To them it means the smell of metal and sparks, late nights in the workshop, burnt fingertips and most importantly the will and knowledge to do something that stands out from the ordinary. In their workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden – they themselves make the knives, by hand and with great care, one piece at a time. This close presence in the process is their way of guaranteeing that you get a knife that is at its best.

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