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B. Merry Studio

B Merry Studio Ulus are renowned Alaskan made hunting and survival tools for outdoor and kitchen utility use. The Ulu Blade is iconic Alaska with deep Native roots. They are made to last through years of hard work in the field.

As a young boy, Bob Merry was passionate about the outdoors and developed a great appreciation of all North American wildlife. His early adult life he was also involved in wildlife management. For the last 30 years, Bob and his family have honed the fine art of hand carving wildlife from many natural materials found in North America.

B Merry Studio is the world’s largest custom Ulu (pronounced oo-loo) knife manufacturer with over 30 unique models. They have been making their knives in Alaska since the 1990’s to share the history and functionality of this special one-handed knife, that was historically the exclusive tool used by the Native Alaskan Inuit people for thousands of years. This knife is an all-around utility utensil for skinning, chopping, cutting and slicing.

They source their own handle materials in a family Arctic trip each fall finding antlers and horns that have fallen from animals and bone fossils that have been preserved from decay are collected.

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