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Coltellerie Lepre


Coltellerie Lepre is a family business expanding over three generations (it existed well before the 1900, but was first founded in 1950). Their main characteristics are the 'Traditional' handmade knives produced of the highest of quality and in limited numbers, both in style and material.

Their eccentric style consists of hunting and folding knives, with a wide range of knives to be collected, to be given as gifts and equally to be used as presentation pieces. Coltellerie Lepre use unique and exotic natural materials of the exceptional quality and pattern including, buffalo horn, gazelle, antelope, chamois, mother of pearl, Roe and Red Stag antler (tines, tips, and crown), and a myriad of exotic hardwoods.

Special attention is given when finishing the product, the blades are engraved with an exclusive photo engraving. For this reason, the product is limited to only a few pieces but of the highest of quality.

From time to time the finishing can be modified and the knives 'interpreted' in many different ways, given that they start from the raw material (for example, the entire horn, the cutting which is divided into sections and during the different stages of work the cutler can decide which horn is the best for each style of knife). Therefore, Coltellerie Lepre only produces a small limited series of collectable items.

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