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Council Tool

Council Tool's philosophy is to make top quality products, to offer outstanding value and to be innovative in the manufacture of products. As a result, their tools are recognized as benchmark products in the industry, and most other reputable tool makers are still trying to catch up.

In 1886, John Pickett Council founded the business that still bears his family’s name. Since then, hundreds of committed, talented Council employees have followed in his footsteps and carried on his legacy. Times have changed. Manufacturing methods have changed. And equipment has been modernized. But some things have remained constant. Council Tool's products are made of the highest-quality materials — American-made steel and American hickory. These are heavy-duty, professional-grade tools manufactured to the highest standards. To maintain complete quality control, they produce all of their products at their North Carolina headquarters. Today, Council Tool is still a family owned and managed business, led by the fourth generation of the Council family.

Council Tool is pleased to introduce a line of premium axes called Velvicut. This name was trademarked many years ago when an axe was part of the work day. When sharpness, the ability to hold an edge and the feel of the tool made the day shorter or longer based on performance. With Velvicut, their commitment is to combine decades of axe-making expertise with modern manufacturing techniques and excellent materials to produce a line of axes for those who want the best. Velvicut axe heads are patterned and styled with features that allow the axe to perform in an exceptional manner. The big things, like material, shape and balance, are certainly important. But the little things, the slight taper here, the thinning of the cheek there, make the axe more pleasurable to use.

They use 5160 grade alloy to make a Velvicut axe head, and this material takes nearly twice as many forging blows to form a similar head, a testament to its toughness. The end result of the alloy material in these axe heads is an outstanding product, strong and tough with superior edge-holding properties. The custom handles used in this premium line are all American hickory and are only “A” grade, selected for grain orientation and density. White sapwood and red heartwood are equally suitable as there is no difference in the specific density or strength of the wood. The handle patterns are traditional or unique shapes chosen with performance in mind. They tend to be thinner in width, allowing the handle to flex. These handles are much more difficult and expensive to manufacture but they provide results. You will feel the difference during use. Velvicut handles are not coated with any finish prior to assembly, providing the maximum strength of head to handle bond. Handles are lightly rubbed with linseed oil before packaging. The heads are finished in their natural steel state, lightly oiled to prevent rusting.

Council Tool Company is as much about people as it is about tools. After all, it's people who design the tools and manufacture and market them. The employees at Council Tool are hard-working Americans who take great pride in their work. Their employees have the skills, experience and dedication necessary to produce the quality and value you’re looking for.

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