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CREDO is a trendsetter and worldwide leading supplier of pedicure and manicure instruments suitable for professionals as well as consumers. From its humble and divergent beginnings, it maintains German manufacturing in an ever changing global economy.

Gustav Kracht founded the company CREDO with a small group of employees in 1925. Making a courageous decision, he left his full time employment to start his own company in a time of uncertainty in the early years following WWI. Kracht had always been closely connected to the cutlery production in Solingen. He was an innovator and inventor. Today, one can still find his can-opener with gearwheel – better known as lever can-opener – that was patented in 1912. During the first years, they mainly produced nutcrackers, other kitchen tools, and corn cutters, later on the steadily growing company specialized in producing can-opener and kitchen gadgets.

From the beginning Gustav Kracht’s son, Erich worked in the company CREDO. Together, father and son established high standards of quailty that are maintained today. In the year 1950, Gert Kracht, his grandson and third generation entered the company. He modernized the enterprise and increased their clientele to foreign markets. In 1960, he took over the management. In 1970, his sister Erica Gilhaus, née Kracht, joined CREDO as limited partner and her husband, Heinz Gilhaus, who became technical director. In 1990, Gert’s daughter, Gabriele (the fourth generation) entered the company Gabriele and became CREDO’s manager in 1991

CREDO manufacturers all of their products in their own factory including all of the metalworking as well as in plastic production. In addition, they build all of their own tooling in their own factory. This advantage guarantees top quality and ensures the special know how, which has made CREDO to a leading producer of manicure and pedicure instruments.

CREDO delivers quality, from experience.

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