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CRKT offers hunting knives, pocket knives, sport & work knives, multi-tools, and tactical knives built "For Those Who Serve.” The most innovative custom knife makers and designers in the industry have designed their knives, tools, and accessories. The result is that the hottest custom designs are available to the consumer for daily use at affordable prices.

Working with top designers from all over the world, CRKT blades all have unique looks suited to the purpose they are designed for and are known to be sturdy and a great value at the price.

CRKT: A Brief History

Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT), is a Tualatin, Oregon-based manufacturer of knives, tools, and accessories founded by Paul Gillespie and Rod Bremer in 1994. From day one they put innovation and integrity first. Their drive is to put “Confidence in Hand,” for their users.

Along the way, CRKT has helped to define the industry with innovations like their iconic K.I.S.S. and M16 series to the most recent Tighe designs that feature the innovative Klecker Lock. Making a commitment to build products that would inspire and endure, CRKT operates on a simple principle; that the greatest thing they could give the consumer is confidence in hand. At CRKT, they have always focused on bringing the most innovative new ideas in the knife and tool industry to market.

They strive not just to be different, but to provide useful improvements, including fast folder opening systems, folder locking systems, carry systems, serrations, new multitools, and even entirely new product concepts. That may explain why many leading custom knifemakers and industrial designers come to them with their ideas, knowing that they are open to developing new products.

Knives and Tools “For Those Who Serve”

Providing cutting edge tools to those who serve is not just a tagline for CRKT, it’s a mission. While some companies produce flashy looking knives or replicas, CRKT provides blades and tools to those who actually need reliable blades that will see use, not shelf time.

All CRKT knives and tools are built incorporating the most advanced equipment and production systems available. Quality. Innovation. Value. They have built their reputation on creating innovative, top-quality knives, priced very competitively. CRKT offers a broad line of sport, work, and professional knives and tools that are purpose-driven designs.

CRKT’s purpose is to provide useful improvements and entirely new product concepts that embrace their historic core company values of quality, innovation, and value.

Innovative Multifunctional Tools

CRKT continues to “think outside the box” by seeking out new and unique designs and mechanisms, just when everyone in the industry thinks they have seen it all. This exciting line continues to be dedicated to multifunctional tools that are uniquely creative. The motto is simply “Inspired Design works.”

CRKT is exceptionally proud to collaborate with the leading knifemakers, inventors and industrial designers in their product development. They are among the most respected craftsmen and artists in our industry. They work to carry out their creative and innovative designs to the highest quality standards possible, enabling you to own, use, and collect innovative production knives and tools.

CRKT knives FAQs

Q: Are CRKT knives made in the USA

A:  No, these quality knives are sourced in Taiwan and China. CRKT (Columbia River Knife and Tool) was founded in 1994. From day one, they put innovation and integrity first. CRKT made a commitment to build knives and tools that would inspire and endure. Collaborating with the best designers in the world and operate on a simple principle: that the greatest thing they can give their customers is Confidence in Hand.

Q: Do CRKT knives rust?

A: You’ve made a substantial investment in your tools, with careful decisions about utility, quality, and even style made along the way. You have every reason to take pride in them. For you, tools represent your ability to take matters into your own hands and solve problems that would have others calling for help. They represent independence.

Keep that in mind the next time you cut corners with maintenance, or apply a tool to a task it wasn’t built for. In the long run, it’s not worth the time or effort you save.

Q: When should I sharpen my CRKT knife?

A: What you use your blade for, how hard and how often you use is what determines the optimum schedule for sharpening. To keep your blade performing at its best, light, regular touchups serve you best. If you want professional assistance in maintenance, click here to learn about how the experts at Country Knives can do it for you.

three crkt m16 folding knives open and blade down on a black background
crkt hawk long handled CRKT axe with a thin head and elongated poll
man holding a folding blade pocket knife open, obscuring his face

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