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Diamancel is a Canadian company created in 1994 by Ginette Godbout, a professional with over 25 years of experience in the beauty trade. They manufacture a unique line of diamond foot & nail files for prestigious spas, professionals, and consumer in Canada, USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Diamancel innovative files have won them rave reviews and products features in many worldwide leading fashion magazines.

The word “diamond” conjures up images of beautiful jewelry and romance. The diamond, however, has other important uses. The diamond, hardest stone known to man, has long been used as an important abrasive tool in industrial applications.

Diamancel has taken the diamond’s abrasive qualities over to the beauty care industry and created a unique line of genuine diamond files.

Each abrasive grade was carefully developed for filing and shaping of natural nails, various types of sculptured nails, and removal of dry skin and calluses on hands and feet.