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Doan Machine & Equipment

The Doan Machine & Equipment Magnesium Firestarter was invented by the company founder Sol Levenson in 1973. As an avid outdoorsman, Sol saw the need for a reliable, durable and easy-to-use fire starter while on a business trip in South America with his friend Rocky Marciano, the legendary heavyweight boxing champion. The Doan Magnesium Firestarter was soon adopted by the US Armed Forces. Sol would always proudly state that this tool was standard issue in the survival pack of F16 fighter pilots.

Over the years, a whole mini industry of magnesium fire starters have evolved, with the Doan Firestarter being the benchmark and the real Government Military Issue Fire Starter, adopted by the US Armed Forces for use in their survival kits.

This is one life-savings tool no outdoorsman should be without. Its size makes it convenient for pocket or tackle box. You can count on it to work, wet or dry, even with damp kindling.

The spirit of Survival lives on.

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