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EKA has been manufacturing knives since 1882 and was founded and is based in Eskilstuna Sweden. Throughout their 133 year history they have combined traditional craftsmanship with modern production technologies.

There are many events worth mentioning in EKA’s past. In 1968, the “Classic 6” was the first EKA knife to go into Space. In 1990, a Royal Warrant Certificate was awarded to EKA, by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. After 133 years they still uphold the same values that have made them an established, successful and sought after brand. They look forward to continuing its rich history and welcomes the future and all of the opportunities to come. At EKA a century of crafting tradition is combined with modern production technology.

EKA continually strives to bring to market, premium, cutting edge, best in class products at fair and competitive prices. EKA’s range is currently comprised of products for the avid outdoorsman, tactical & rescue services, culinary experts, collectors and industry professionals. Promotional and personalized gifts have been a large part of EKA’s market and success, for over half a century. EKA has worked with thousands of global brands, such as Volvo, Electolux, Absolut Vodka, Daimler Benz, Mobil, Coca-Cola, Gulf, Wilkinson, IBM, McDonnell Aircraft, 3M, Nokia and 44,000 others. They have also produced, custom knives for former US Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Lyndon B. Johnson.

EKA’s knives are known throughout the world for stylish designs, functionality and first-class materials. To work with an EKA knife; feel the grip, the strength and the exceptional sharpness, is something above the ordinary. With focus on quality and growth, they remain strong and proud to be a leader in the knife manufacturing industry.

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