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Owning an Emerson Knife brings you membership in an elite group; individuals, who are known for seeking the finest in all things. You are now counted among those who will never compromise their values and never, ever, settle for second best. “Designed for Performance …  Built For Extremes.” Straight forward design, precision engineering and high-resolution components, combined with state of the art aerospace-qualified manufacturing facility embody Emerson Knives search for constant evolution and manufacturing excellence.

Ernest Emerson started making custom knives in his garage in 1979. He rapidly rose to prominence as a knife maker due in equal parts to his expertise as a tool and die maker, his artist’s eye for design, and his practical experience as one of the world’s most sought-after and respected hand-to-hand combat instructors. Mr. Emerson’s work has been featured and exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Museum. At a time when knives are designed by graphic artists and 22-year-olds who never did more than use a knife to sharpen a pencil, the name Emerson and the company Emerson Knives stands head and shoulders above the rest.

All of their knives are manufactured at their facility in Los Angeles, California from the highest grade American made materials. Emerson Knives have proven themselves in the most hostile environments on the planet. From the extreme limits of outer space to the blackest depths of the ocean, in steaming jungle rain forests and on the icy granite walls of the world tallest mountains. They have been called to task, and have withstood the test.

Mr. Emerson’s custom creations sell in excess of $10,000 and he also happens to be one of the world’s elite combat instructors. No one can bring the skill set to the table that Ernest Emerson possesses. That is why Emerson Knives are regarded as the most efficient, effective, and formidable Tactical Knives ever developed. Over the last two decades the name Emerson has grown from the simple name of a knife company into the most coveted of categories, a “Lifestyle Brand.” As such, that put them into a category alongside of names like Harley Davidson, Body Glove, Jack Daniels, etc. where the name no longer represents just a product, but a much broader category, a lifestyle that people identify with. When a company brand achieves that status, the brand itself becomes a symbol of status much as wearing a Rolex watch became the symbol of personal success.