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Friedr. Dick was founded in Esslingen, Germany in 1778 and is still a family-owned company after more than 240 years. Friedr. Dick is the only manufacturer worldwide offering a complete range of knives, sharpening steels and ancillary items for butchers and chefs as well as grinding machines. The comprehensive product range makes them the perfect system provider for the food service and food processing industries.

Friedr. Dick has focused on sharpness since 1778: a success story that began with a small file cutter workshop in the southern German town of Esslingen. Like almost every eventful story, their history began with an ambitious and courageous person who dares to create something new. In their case, this courageous man was Johann Friedrich Dick, son of a modest gunsmith, who dared to take the step into independence in 1778. In doing so, he laid the foundation for the success story of Friedr. Dick. In his work, Johann Friedrich Dick was guided by his vision: He wanted to produce all types of files himself, from the smallest watchmaker's file to the large arm file, “in exemplary workmanship”. Friedr. Dick had a lifelong pursuit of the highest quality, and this is still the highest priority in all areas of the company today. So, as with many family businesses, a crafts business was the origin of their traditional company today. It all began with the production of files which evolved to be a paragon with a complete product range of knives and cleavers for chefs and butchers and sharpening steels.

Strict quality criteria and high design standards characterize the traditional brand for professionals, which is now finding its way into domestic kitchens. Every Friedr. Dick knife is made of the highest quality steel and impresses with perfectly balanced blades as well as ergonomically shaped handles for perfect cutting results. The long-standing tradition and experience of manufacturing products for professionals allow us to continuously develop innovative new products.


The long tradition and many years of experience gained in manufacturing products for chefs and butchers enables Friedr. Dick to continuously develop innovative products. Input from customers, especially end-users and own ideas are converted into high quality products. Friedr. Dick believes in an ecologically and ethically responsible approach to preserve people's livelihoods and the environment. Their products have first-class functionality, a high utility value and a sustainable profile. F. Dick specifically rely on state-of-the-art technologies in their production and craftsmanship where it is necessary and appropriate. This protects resources and reduces emissions. This guarantees you the highest quality.

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