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Fällkniven, has been a leading knife specialist in Scandinavia for more than 30 years. They have built legacy of experience about knives through life experience as hunters and outdoorsmen. Their accumulated knowledge is reflected in the knives they design and produce — safe, comfortable, sharp and strong —all qualities you wish to get from a Fällkniven knife.

Fällkniven AB is a true family firm, with roots deep in Norrbotten, Sweden. The company was established in 1984 and began developing their own knives in 1987 which soon developed into a full line of outdoor hunting, military, folding, and kitchen cutlery. Their quest for the best materials has lead them to use some of the most exotic steels and steel laminations in the world, like VG10, SGPS, CoS, and Cowry X. Combined with the most durable synthetic and natural handle materials, leather and Kydex sheath, Fällkniven knives claim title to some of the best made. They have been contracted by the Swedish Air Force and are purveyor to the King of Sweden. Besides their own testing, they commission endurance and destructive testing at Luleå University of Technology to insure that their knives are reliable, even in extreme situations.

Fällkniven knives are designed to serve as standard knives under normal conditions, but will stand much more than everyday use normally demands if you are suddenly forced to rely upon the strength, edge retention and design of the knife. These knives are the result of a super optimized combination of a high-end steel and an accomplished technical, purposeful, ergonomic design.

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