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The Feather Safety Razor Company manufactures the highest quality shaving razors in the world. The Hi-Stainless Platium Double Edge Razor Blade is generally considered the sharpest blade on the market. The blades fit any standard double-edge razor handle.

The Feather Safety Razor Company was started in 1932 as the “Japan Safety Razor Company,” Built on quality products and early market-penetration, Feather lead the Japanese safety razor market for decades, until Schick entered the market with their “Personna” razor in the 1960s. In recent years, Feather has largely turned from the consumer shaving market to concentrate on professional tools. Their Artist Club professional disposable-blade razors are not only regarded by most users as far and away the best “non-sharpen straight razors” there are, but they have also reached near total domination of the professional market. Feather’s expertise in making precision medical tools in particular guides their manufacture of razor blades, so the next time you put a Feather to your face, remember you’ve got a rather big scalpel there.

Feather’s styling razors and replacement razors are world-class implements that are one of the most trusted brands in the beauty and barber industry today. This line of shaving razors is the result of their expertise at combining superb technology with new materials. High Quality is the hallmark of Feather Blades —they've built their reputation on assuring it. Their Hi Stainless Platinum razor blades are unsurpassed in their edge holding ability and shaving comfort.

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