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Global knives are made from the finest high carbon stainless steel available for producing professional quality kitchen knives. Yoshikin uses its own proprietary stainless steel which it calls CROMOVA 18 Stainless Steel. This steel is precisely tempered to keep their edge for a long time, but not too difficult to sharpen the knives. The CRO in CROMOVA 18 stands for chromium and the 18 is the percentage of chromium in the steel. This high percentage of chromium contributes to Global's stain resistance.

In 1985, Komin Yamada was granted an unlimited design budget and a commission to create a superb knife using the best materials and most modern design concepts. Given this remarkable assignment, Yamada developed a range of knives which are truly new and revolutionary that have become a favorite of both amateur and professional chefs. The Global knives feature blades that are made of CROMOVA 18, a molybdenum/vanadium stainless alloy, sub-zero quenched and hardened to a Rockwell C 56º-58º which hold a razor sharp edge, resist rust, stains and corrosion. Lightweight design features perfect balance, helping reduce hand fatigue and providing you with greater control. Ergonomic, molded handle ensures comfortable slicing, and Global’s signature dimple pattern provides a stronger grip. Seamless construction from a single piece of high-tech CROMOVA stainless steel eliminate food and dirt traps, offering the ultimate in safety and hygiene.

Like the Samurai swords before them, each knife is carefully weighted to ensure perfect balance in the hand. Just as their fine swords lent distinction to the Samurai, GLOBAL knives bring distinction to the chef, whether professional or amateur. Hand-crafted, Global’s sleek, razor-sharp cutlery is an excellent choice for professional chefs and discerning home cooks alike.

Global’s award-winning knives are made to the exacting standards of professional Japanese chefs. To deliver perfect balance, Global uses hollow handles, then fills each one just enough sand to create the correct weight and balance. Global uses this method rather than using a full tang and a bolster to balance their knives for two reasons. First, it is a far more precise than using a tang and a bolster. Second, Asian knives typically do not have bolsters, since they only serve as a hindrance to cutting and sharpening.

Global knives are unique because of their edge and the way they are balanced. The most important feature of any knife is its edge, and the Global edge is truly its signature. The majority of the Global knives are sharpened or ground on both sides of the blade like western style knives. However, their edges are ground straight to a point rather than beveled resulting in a dramatically sharper knife which stays sharper longer. The edge is so large and prominent that it is easily seen with the naked eye and extends a quarter inch or more up from the tip of the knife.

GLOBAL knives are favored today by most high ranking chefs in the most prestigious hotels and restaurants and are featured regularly on television cookery programs in the hands of the most celebrated chefs. They are displayed at most international catering and housewares exhibitions. Meanwhile, the design and production team continue to look for ways of expanding and developing further the GLOBAL knife range, taking into account the many suggestions and proposals received from current GLOBAL knife users throughout the world.

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