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Gränsfors Bruk

Produced by highly skilled blacksmiths, Gränsfors Bruk's axes are forged from a special Swedish steel developed for axes. The proof of their forging prowess is such that no supplementary work, that would hide imperfections and mistakes, is necessary. The blades are hardened and tempered to the correct toughness for maximum performance. The handles are made from first quality American hickory, properly fitted and wedged to the axe head, which are then oiled and provided with a grain-leather cover. All steps in production are carefully tested and checked. When finished, the smith stamps each head with the company stamp and his initials as a testament to his skill and pride. [more]

Gränsfors Bruk has been manufacturing axes since 1902. For more than 100 years, they have built a business based around handcrafted axes and axe expertise, with a focus on quality, design, and craftsmanship. In the late 1980s, Gränsfors Bruk took a step back to a more traditional, craft-based system of production that had been the standard long ago. Combining the talents of the smiths at Gränsfors Bruk and designer Hans Erik Persson, Gränsfors Bruk looked to the past to an almost forgotten knowledge to develop a line of axes that are perfect for the small-scale uses of today. All the axes produced by Gränsfors Bruk are forged by hand. Any piecework arrangements have been scrapped so that the smiths can put more time into forging a good axe, removing the need for the excessive post-production work that other manufacturers might use to conceal faults in their forging. This is something that sets Gränsfors Bruk’s axes apart from axes made on an industrial scale. At Gränsfors Bruk, the forging is allowed to take its time.

The axe heads need no grinding, honing or polishing, except on the cutting edge itself, and they certainly do not require painting or varnishing. Instead of using environmentally hazardous epoxy adhesive, the handles are now attached with a traditional wooden wedge, which is better not only for nature, but also for the working environment. When it comes to the quality and feel of the axes, much depends on the experience and skill of the individual craftsman. Each axe is signed with the smith’s initials as a guarantee of quality. All Gränsfors Bruk’s axes carry a 20 Year Guarantee. Every axe is quality controlled before it leaves the forge to make absolutely sure that there are no defects. Once the quality control has been completed, the axes are given a sheath of vegetable-tanned leather and packaged with a copy of The Axe Book.

Perfectly balanced and razor sharp, the motto of GRÄNSFORS BRUK is: "An axe is as good as the smith who made it". The forged surface, free of all disguise, is a guarantee of the smith's skill and the quality of the axe he has made.

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