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Groom Mate

Since 1991, Groom Mate has been dedicated to offering nose & ear hair trimmers of the finest quality. The sale of Platinum XL have topped three million units globally. They proudly manufacture the only nasal & ear hair trimmers made in the US on the market today.

Quality is one of the hallmarks at Groom Mate. Before they approve a trimmer for our product line, it must undergo extensive testing in their laboratory and meet high quality standards. Among their strict requirements, they ensure that all of their trimmers cut with precision, are corrosion-proof and can be easily cleaned.

Not only with Groom Mate trimmers last through the years, but also help the environment by keeping batteries out of landfills and save energy that rechargeable trimmers would otherwise consume. We can all do our part to be responsible for future generations, and Groom Mate believes in doing their share by providing a quality product without a reliance on batteries.

The fact is, anyone who has nose hair peeking out from a nostril or ear needs the painless, smooth functioning of the Platinum XL or Silver Wing XL.

The future of manscaping.

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