While officially launched in 2005, Havalon Knives has a history that goes back much farther than that.

Since the 1980s, taxidermists had been buying surgical blades from Havel's Inc., Havalon's parent company. They used these blades for skinning and caping due to their strength and ability to hold a long-lasting edge. After several years, the idea of creating a folding pocket scalpel came to fruition, and the Havel’s team soon realized that hunters might also enjoy this kind of knife for skinning and field dressing wild game. From there, the company used their years of knowledge and expertise to create a blade that was strong enough to handle the tougher materials hunters frequently work with. In order to distinguish the two, a new brand was launched that would offer surgical-edge technology exclusively to hunting and outdoor markets. And with that, Havalon was born.

It takes a lot of physical stamina to be out in the field, carrying your weapon of choice, surveying the land, tracking and stalking wild game until the moment’s right. For still hunting, it takes an incredible amount of patience to sit for hours trying not to be detected by your quarry. When you've had a successful hunt, you tend to be tired, cold and worried about predators as the sun goes down. Add to that the stress of field dressing an animal and hauling it back home, and you’ve got a lot to think about. At Havalon, their goal is to make a hunter’s work easier by offering long-lasting, surgically sharp replaceable blades with lightweight handles, which leads to faster, safer and more efficient skinning and field dressing.

Lightweight and effective, one knife and a set of extra blades gives the hunter enough skinning power for any animal – with no sharpening needed. Instead of carrying around a bulky set of knives and sharpening tools, or stopping to re-sharpen, with Havalon you can eliminate the extra weight in your pack and replace the blade as needed, and continue with your hunt.

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