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Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works

If your interests are in survival equipment, this is the brand for you. Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works blades are survivors! After 40 years in the business and 14,000 plus knives, axes, and swords produced they have many, many MMHW blades now in the hands of second generation owners, as well as 3rd generation. MMHW are built for years of hard use!

Ted Frizzell, the master Arkansas knife maker behind Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works, has spent over 40 years producing some of the finest handmade working grade knives and custom handmade knives available. His stepson, Kyel Kidder, is now the master in the shop, having 10 years of experience in the shop and several thousand blades under his belt.

Well known for their hardworking big bowies and swords, Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works designs, manufacturing techniques, and heat treatment are unique and create workhorses of devastating cutting and chopping ability. Their combined experience in producing extreme use knives, axes, and swords create full bore field ready tools you can count on. They do not add 'bells and whistles' that only drive the price of the knife or axe up. Form and function are their bywords.

Blades are made of ¼ inch thick (thinner stock on smaller knives) 5160 high carbon tool steel (used for heavy duty truck springs). MMHW torch hardens the edges up to the grind line, then uses an oven draw to create a differential temper. All tools are oil quenched producing tough, real working blades. All tools rate ~58 on the Rockwell C scale. Axes and cleavers are ~56. Each blade is differentially hardened and then Parkerized―a method of protecting a steel surface from corrosion and increasing its resistance to wear through the application of a chemical phosphate coating. Handles are made from canvas phenolic (Micarta) held to the tang by epoxy resins and steel roll pins or cap screws. Sheaths are individually form fitted two-piece black Kydex with belt loop and brass eyelets.

These are not sharpened prybars, MMHW have with beautiful symmetrical grindlines and superb fit and finish, they are all you need, but no more than necessary. Put several in your truck, RV, Bugout bag, To-Go bag, ATV, take them with you to the hunting camp, on the road, or in your military war bag or backpack. They will take care of you and whatever needs done. These are edges for refined chaos!

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