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In 1907, in Seki City, a small town in central Japan, Mr. Sakurai Sr. began a “one man” knife factory making pocket knives. The high quality that he provided created consumer demand and the Sakurai Knife Factory began to grow steadily for 82 years, except for a three year pause during WWII. During this growth period folding knives were made for domestic and export markets. Continual refinement of design and manufacturing methods reduced their dependency on subcontractors and increased control over quality.

In 1952, Sakurai Sr. retired and his son, Moki Sakurai assumed responsibility and maintained the same high quality production. A new factory was built in 1968, also in Seki City, which provided total “in-house” capabilities. Over the years, the name Moki Sakurai became associated with high quality and his knives were referred to as “Moki’s knives.” The name was officially changed to Moki Knife Company in 1987.

The Moki Knife Company introduced and refined methods of producing exquisite embellishments on the handles of their folding knives, for which they have earned over 180 design and utility patents. Quality is maintained at the highest levels. Their forte is inlays using exotic materials. We have found no other factories and very few custom knifemakers in the world that can match Moki in this area. Not only do they make knives under their own name, but have made knives for Al Mar, Spyderco, SOG, Fällkniven, and William Henry to name a few.

The Moki Knife Company is in its fourth generation with the fifth generation already working in the shop. Currently run by Moki san's son Satoru Sakurai. Ever since their foundation Moki has been producing quality knives of original design and phenomenal craftsmanship. Their traditional pocket cutlery is unmatched in precision fit and finish.

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