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The original Northfield knife company was incorporated and operated in Northfield, Connecticut from 1858 to 1926. Their UN-X-LD branded pocket knives were known for their quality and are highly collectible today. In 2006, Great Eastern revived this legacy and began manufacturing Northfield Un-X-LD pocket knives.

Only the most premium of their traditional pocket knives receive the UN-X-LD branding. These new, yet classic, Northfield knives have all the detailed tooling and finishing you would expect to see on a well-made early 20th century era pocket knife. Northfield blades and springs are made strictly with 1095 high carbon tool steel. Their blades are also fitted with forged straight nail pulls, cut swaging, and are finished to a high polish.

Handles for these well-crafted knives are made in house at the GEC Bone Works and are made of exotic materials such as Indian Stag Antler, Cocobolo Wood, Snake Wood, and North American Cattle Bone.

These new Northfield UN-X-LD knives rival the originals in materials, craftsmanship, and rarity. As a result, these knives have quickly become the most sought after and collected factory made knives today.