Rigid Knives were founded in the early 1970s by former Buck employees; Bill Duff, Dean Parks, and Don Collum in Santee, CA., later moving to Lake Hamilton, AR before going out of business in the late 1980s.

From their original brochure:

Better knives are being made in America today than in any period of history. And in a small Southern California town, some of the best are being created in a modern and well-equipped factory. Rigid Knives are the product of many years of knife building experience. They are the result of a dream of craftsman who left a larger manufacturer t devote themselves to creating the “ultimate“ knife.

There is compromise to excellence in every Rigid knife. The finest materials, unique designs that fit a man’s hands and his needs like a glove, and painstaking hand work create a knife that can never be duplicated by machine. But the most important ingredient is pride. It assures that the knife is as unique as the craftsman who made it. Whatever kind of knife you need, there is a Rigid to fit the job.

Rigid Knives was a pioneer in the early days of American’s Cutlery Renaissance, pushing the envelope past the traditional designs of the 19th and early 20th centuries and merging the influence of custom knives to push the metallurgy and high tolerances that our current state-of-the-art manufacturers continue today and own a debt of gratitude.

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