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Spyderco Culinary

Welcome to the world of Spyderco Culinary Products—a complete selection of knives and sharpeners specifically designed to meet the needs of all cooking enthusiasts. Whether you are a novice in the kitchen or a world-class professional chef, Spyderco Culinary offers high-performance cutting tools that are ideally suited to your skill level and budget.

While Spyderco is primarily known for its ClipIt folding knives and Tri-Angle Sharpmaker, the company has also been making kitchen cutlery for the past 30 years and was the first to introduce the Santoku in the United States. Spyderco has partnered with Master Bladesmith Murray Carter to introduce a collection of culinary cutlery. Carter, a native Canadian, is the 17th-Generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith after completing a six year apprenticeship under Sensei Yasuyuki Sakemoto and then an additional 12 years of experience as a village bladesmith in Japan. The collaboration with Carter has resulted in a collection of knives that represents the values that Carter has put into the 25,000 custom hand-forged knives that he has made to date at a price that makes them reasonably accessible to both professional and aspirational home chefs, according to Frank Daily, Spyderco’s Director of Culinary Sales. “We want to take kitchen knives and chef ’s cutlery to the next level,” he said. “Murray Carter hand-forges steel so it’s as thin and straight and sharp as he can get it. We want to take his core guiding principles and take that to a production knife.... We’re making blades that are thinner, straighter and sharper than our competition.”

In addition to the Murray Carter Collection, Spyderco has another line of kitchen utility knives that the company is making from American steel in its Golden, Colorado, facility, the Z-Cut line. “We’re kind of excited about that because it will be a USA-made product. It’s aimed at anyone who wants a knife for their kitchen,” Daily said. “You cut into a steak and it gives you a nice clean, easy quick cut,” Daily said. “You could cut rope with it. You could even cut a tomato with it if you wanted to.” Designed as the go-to knife for the home cook who wants one knife that can be grabbed when there’s a sandwich to be halved, mayonnaise to be spread or a piece of meat to be sliced into at the backyard grill, the Z-Cut knives also look good enough to use as an extra steak knife at the dining room table. Like the knives in the Murray Carter Collection, they’re razor-sharp right out of the box.
“Cooking is a true passion and investing in the performance of high-quality kitchen knives is one of the best ways to feed that passion,” Daily said. “Once you’ve experienced them, you’ll never go back.”

Although Spyderco continues to earn a devoted customer following with their best-selling “Kitchen Classics” knives and easy-to-use Tri-Angle Sharpmaker, Spyderco Culinary is not content to stop there. They have proudly announced that they are greatly expanding the scope of their kitchen products in 2019. From economical Z-Cut utility knives to all-new sharpening systems to exquisite expressions of traditional Japanese designs with their partnership with Master Bladesmith Murray Carter, Spyderco Culinary will continue to introduce many exciting new developments. We encourage you to visit often to see “what’s cooking” at Spyderco Culinary Products. We know you’ll like what you see.

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