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Straight Grain Supply

The impetus for the company was the belief the there’s something satisfying about hard work. The founder relates that “When I was first put in front of a woodpile, I hadn’t been handed an axe and I wasn’t allowed to split a thing. My job was to just re-stack. Stacking wood gives you an appreciation for the person splitting it, and it wasn’t long before I found myself with an axe in my hand and a smile on my face. It was by processing firewood where I learned some truths like sharp bits make short work of the woodpile. Straight Grain Supply grew out of this experience, with a mission of creating premium, American Made axe accessories and maintenance tools that you are proud to own and proud to use.”

Straight Grain Supply’s home is Asheville, N.C. While the area is certainly known for craft breweries, it was once home to a bustling timber industry and was the location to the first forestry school in the U.S. To pay homage to this history, they strive to work directly with local partners in Western North Carolina to source our products. If it is not made here, then your purchase supports another American based manufacturing company elsewhere in the country.

The company name relates to lessons taught to him by his grandfather … “I have to give a nod to my grandfather here as well. It’s one of the first things he told me to look for when selecting an axe. Straight wood grain is considered structurally more sound and less likely to fracture if properly wielded. Bits and blades can always be worked, but you can’t do anything to change a crooked grain handle. It also goes back to buying the right tool the first time. Wood handles won’t last forever, but you have an advantage by picking a straight grained handle.” And “I’m sure folks have heard this line, but my grandfather taught me that the most expensive tool is the one you buy twice.” These core ideals have created a company offering a wide range of axe accessories and maintenance tools, creating a brand to complement the existing premium axes in the market today.

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