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October 21, 2015, SWIZA reinvents the Swiss Knife.

Switzerland has a new knife! The legendary Swiss Knife has been given a redesign for the first time in decades. The result is a unique creation manufactured and assembled in the Jura, restoring the status of the local cutlery industry. SWIZA, a brand with a history spanning over 110 years and an established reputation in watchmaking circles, successfully couples the contemporary design conceived by a Zurich-based company with a number of technical innovations; a blade-locking system, ergonomic curved shape, sure-grip, soft-touch finish and easy access blade and tools make it the most comfortable and easy to use Swiss Knife ever, and easier access to the tools for both right- and left-handers.

The tradition of cutlery-making is part of the Jura’s industrial history and SWIZA is proud to give it a new lease on life with consummate style. The brainchild of the brand’s executive team based in Delémont and designed by estragon, a product design company in Zurich. The new knife was prototyped and is being produced in the Swiss canton of Jura by specialists accomplished in the expertise and high quality standards inherent in the “Swiss-made” epithet, the pocket knife represents time-honored tradition and modernity in perfect synthesis.

The sense of playful mischief in the knife’s bold curves, materials, and colors has immediate appeal. Meanwhile the ergonomic shape of the handle offers an intuitive grip facilitated by an extremely durable non-slip texture. The curved shape enables direct access to the tools, which are perforated for easy opening. The Swiss Cross—symbol of the brand—is ingeniously built into the handle and is far more than an identifying feature: it guarantees the user greater safety with a blade-lock system unprecedented in a knife of this size.

With Peter Hug and Florian Lachat at the helm, 2015 marks the start of a new chapter for SWIZA. The Jura-based company has a new identity on the strength of which it has launched two new business lines with a comprehensive collection of wristwatches and luggage. Swiza was founded in 1904 and to date has focused on developing and producing watch movements, alarm clocks and table clocks. Now its sights are set firmly on the future with a new Swiss Knife that is destined to become the new standard in pocket knives and a useful, versatile and must-have accessory for anyone that wants to be prepared for the challenges and adventures that everyday life offers.

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