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United Cutlery

For over thirty years United Cutlery has been distinguished by their unique and innovative product designs that cover a wide range of knives and swords, from functional to fantasy.

United Cutlery is well known for their movie prop replicas, fantasy collectibles, their great selection of functional sport and utility knives, traditional samurai swords, and their unique designer knives and swords by Kit Rae and Gil Hibben.

The Movie Knives are comprised by various blades from different movies, starting with those carried by Rambo in the three Rambo movies. Designed by Gil Hibben, these knives have continued to sell even after three and a half decades of being released in the market. The Lord of the Rings series, although this falls within movie props deserves a highlight of their own. With an incredibly large fan base, their production of LOTR based blades is always anticipated by a solid community. If they were still in operation, there’s no question that many would clamor for the recent blades shown in The Hobbit movies.

The Collectors Series —also dubbed as the Hibben Knives, are the blades designed by Gil Hibben including knives released year after year. They’ve been largely successful as many collectors patiently wait for new designs to add to their growing number of blades. Aside from Hibben, some of the United Cutlery’s knives and swords were also the product of an equal, yet less famous Canadian-born, Kit Rae, the fantasy collectibles designer who specializes in knife design, fantasy and sci-fi art.

Often imitated, but never exceeded, United Cutlery strives to make their knives and swords to the highest standards in the industry, with superior value, quality, performance, and customer service.

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