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Vielong, established in 1940, is a family business located in Valencia, Spain. Vielong is known for handcrafted shaving brushes and make-up brushes of prestige in both local and international markets. For over 80 years Vielong has maintained a strong reputation for their quality, design, finishing and presentation.

Spain, 1940. Their story begins with founder Juan Bautista Julián, artisan, entrepreneur, innovator, and a man with a passion for classic shaving and personal care. In the beginning, a small workshop in the Ruzafa neighborhood of Valencia served as the headquarters to produce his first masterpieces: unique handmade brushes and razors. With great skill and precision, through long hours of work, he perfected the manufacturing techniques. All kinds of materials – wood, metals, resins and a wide variety of fibers and animal hair – were incorporated into the designs. The result of which created extraordinary tools of high precision and design that produced the best of shaves. Whilst more and more of the traditional barbershops of Spain and Europe used his products, the name Vielong became synonymous with Spanish high-quality personal grooming items. Famous Spanish and foreign personalities commissioned him to create unique and extraordinary pieces, such as exclusive shaving sets.

Vielong’s shaving brushes, being handcrafted with natural horsehair, help distribute the shaving cream uniformly, which in turn allows us to use less of the cream. Being natural hair brushes, the bristles are able to reach around the beard hair and prepare it for a closer shave since the skin is exfoliated and softened. Another added benefit of Vielong shaving brushes is that, during their use, the facial hairs are raised so you obtain a better angle for shaving. This results in a quicker but longer lasting shave than other methods.

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