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Wüsthof is a manufacturer of cutlery with an extraordinary history. For nearly 200 years Wüsthof has earned a reputation for excellence in both design and quality. Since 1814, knives bearing the WÜSTHOF name and the Trident logo have been crafted in the world’s “Cutlery Capital” of Solingen, Germany. Today, in a state-of-the-art facility, that tradition of quality is ensured as old-world craftsmanship meets twenty first century production methods.

Wüsthof knives are manufactured by a skilled team of 300 dedicated workers in two state-of-the-art facilities in Solingen, Germany. Wüsthof knives are precision forged single piece of chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel. Wüsthof knives are created using 40 manufacturing steps from forging to tempering, to grinding and polishing. Production follows strict rules in order to achieve the finest quality, while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly. Today, more than 350 forged knives are available in the Wüsthof assortment, along with cutting boards, knife blocks, kitchen tools, and scissors bearing the famous Trident logo – a symbol of form, function and uncompromising quality.

The first record of Wüsthof as a company can be found in documents in the Duchy of Berg that refer to the Wüsthof factory dating back to 1814 in the town of Solingen, Germany when Johan Wilhelm Wüsthof founded the company Ed. Wüsthof in Solingen in 1814. In the beginning, the focus was on the production of scissors and the steel and iron goods trade. Good business sense and an intuitive vision spanning subsequent generations led over time to the company becoming a major knife manufacturer. The company continues to be a family owned business, currently in the 7th generation of the Wüsthof family tradition. With their name on the product, quality is a must. The family name continues to be the reason for such high quality. Every generation wants to outperform the last in quality and excellence.

An example of the proud tradition of the Wüsthof name is Wolfgang Wüsthof’s story of expanding the business. In 1960, Wüsthof was nearly unknown in North America. Wolfgang spent the 1960’s and 1970’s flying to the USA with a briefcase full of knives (something you cannot do these days) and riding from town to town by bus introducing the USA and Canada to the wonder of Wüsthof. It was slow going at first, but quality speaks for itself and Wüsthof won the hearts and esteem of chefs and those who aspire to fine cuisine everywhere.

Harald Wüsthof is the current CEO and is continuing the emphasis on excellence. In 2010, Wüsthof redesigned the cutting edge of Wüsthof knives. Wüsthof uses PEtec (Precision Edge Technology) which means their kitchen cutlery features an edge created by precision lasers that sharpen the blade to a 28 degree angle. Before PEtec, Wüsthof knives were hand sharpened to a 40 degree angle. A narrower angle means a thinner, sharper blade.

Today, WÜSTHOF has become one of the leading manufacturers of quality goods in Germany. The many varieties of knives available today achieve the highest standards of perfection and consistent quality through a combination of industrial automation and manual skill. The latest technical innovations, such as the unique PEtec (Precision Edge Technology) process and the systematic expansion of the range, reflect the high innovative power of the traditional company. The WÜSTHOF brand enjoys a top reputation amongst amateur and professional chefs worldwide.

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