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Wyoming Knife

Since 1971, the Wyoming Knife corporation has made saws and knives that enjoy an unmatched level of quality, while offering fantastic performance and value. The company is based in Fort Collins, CO and have gained a lot of high acclaim that started a revolution in field dressing.

Sid Latham said in his article, “What’s New In Knives” that appeared the April 1978 issue of Field & Stream, “Carl Addis, who heads the Wyoming Knife Company in Casper, Wyoming, lives in some of the finest big-game country in the U.S., and has thought up some very practical knives for the hunter. His original Wyoming Knife, which came out a few years ago, hardly looks like a knife at all, but can make field dressing experts out of amateurs.”

Safety is a key feature of their knives. With correct usage, the Wyoming Knife is much safer than an ordinary knife. They have designed some very innovative knives for outdoor use that feature hand and finger protection. Now you can get into skinning and gutting with a range of knives that feel so natural, leaving you wondering why nobody has thought of this in the past.