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Part of the emerging maker movement, Zootility Tools creates functional everyday objects in eccentric forms. From product design to manufacturing, Zootility produces everything in-house at their 8,000 sq-ft shop in Portland, ME. Hundreds of thousands of their incredibly thin multi-tools are in pockets across the US and beyond.

In 2012, mechanical engineer Nate Barr launched the PocketMonkey on Kickstarter. The credit card-sized multi-tool received over 1,900 backers and $27,000 in 14 days. Since then, Zootility Tools has sold more than 500,000 PocketMonkeys in over 1,500 stores across the US. The company has continued to grow and has now had 5 successful Kickstarter campaigns, and launched 200+ products and variations.

Every member of the Zootility Tools team rolls up their sleeves and works on the production floor on a daily basis - including their CEO. Zootility are makers at heart and want to continue that tradition. What does this mean? They only create products that solve a need and we can take pride in producing.

Zootility products are unique for simply adhering to their principles and believe minimal and intentional design can overcome the barriers that others see in meeting challenging design goals. Lastly, Zootility products impress for having unique forms without any compromise in function.

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