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Actilam Cutlery was developed by Pascal Jodas, creator of d’Actilam, and Jean-Pierre Sucheras, custom knifemaker and two time winner of the “Best Worker of France”. Longtime friends, they both share a taste for beautiful objects and an equal interest for technical developments. Their different professional careers converge nevertheless towards the same desire to create knives, useful and aesthetically pleasing. The T3 folder utilized a new steel cryogenic quenched 4116N, a nitrogen alloy with excellent edge retention and non-corrosive qualities. Using a unique double cone locking system that automatically compensates for any possible blade play, this new design incorporates a forge twisted lock bar that is not only beautiful, but strong. The central pivot uses a special screw-nut. The large bearing surfaces of the flanges guarantees a perfect guidance and a long life for the action of the knife. A very unique and elegant design.

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