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Sharpening received on Monday, September 9 through Saturday, September 21 will be ready for pickup on Tuesday, September 24. Sharpening received on Monday, September 23 through Saturday, October 5 will be ready for pickup on Tuesday, October 8.

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Böker Tree Brand has been producing cutlery for well over 145 years. In 1869, Heinrich Böker founded Heinr. Böker & Company in Solingen, Germany. Envisioning an easily recognizable symbol to identify their products, Heinrich remembered a giant chestnut tree that shaded their original factory. Since then, every Böker product has left been identified by the now iconic tree symbol. In 1837, Hermann Böker (Heinrich’s cousin) immigrated to New York and founded H. Böker & Co. At first, H. Böker imported tools, hardware, steel, and cutlery from European manufacturers. By the end of the 19th century, the majority of items produced by Böker in Solingen were sent to the United States for distribution by H. Böker & Co. in New York. In 1899, increasing demand, together with higher tariffs on imported cutlery caused H. Böker & Co. to begin manufacturing their own pocket knives in Newark, New Jersey. Since the tree…

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