Sharpening Schedule

All Sharpening dropped-off at Country Knives by 5 PM, Saturday, October 6 will be ready for pickup after 9 AM on Tuesday, October 9.

 Sharpening received on MondayOctober 8 through SaturdayOctober 20 will be ready for pickup on TuesdayOctober 23.

Shop Claude Dozorme

Claude Dozorme traces its beginnings to 1902 in La Monnerie, France, close to Thiers. Blaise Dozorme, an expert steel worker, decided to use his expertise to create a small knife-making workshop in his home. Working mainly as a subcontractor, his professionalism and keen sense of duty gained him a certain notoriety in the Thiers. His entrepreneurial spirit coupled with a dominant personality resulted in his peers naming him “The Wolf“. A few decades later, the Dozorme firm would use this nickname as the basis for their logo. and graphic identity… Taking over for his father in 1934, Valentin continued the small workshop gradually made a name for itself, further anchoring its expertise and leaving its mark in the cutlery sector of the Thiers region. It was during the 70s though that the family business really began to develop on a larger scale. The firm was now being run by Claude,…

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