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Fixed blade Buck knife showing a single brass pin and finished wooden handle on a naturalistic background
Sturdy machete, with a blaze orange/high visibility handle shown on a rock with slightly choppy water in the background.
Primitive hammer forged steel fixed blade knife with a short arrowhead-shaped blade and wide wooden handle decorated with leather wraps at the top and bottom of the handle.

The story of how Condor Tool & Knife came to be is long, covering the globe from Germany to El Salvador, then eventually opening up the entire Northern American and European markets. Their story starts hundreds of years ago before it circles the world. Condor Tool & Knife, founded in 1787 was originally named the GEBR WEYESBERG COMPANY in Solingen, Germany. They produced military knives, swords, household cutlery, and agricultural tools of such elevated quality that Solingen was thought of as the Cutlery Capital of the World. As time passed, though, they found they had to expand operations to serve their global customer base. As they became the world’s largest manufacturer of swords and knives, they would need to move their headquarters. Going Global with Imcasa In 1964, the GEBR WEYESBERG COMPANY formed Imcasa. They then started a new plant in Santa Ana, El Salvador, complete with state-of-the-art German equipment.…

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