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Dovo’s skilled workers create steel masterpieces with meticulous precision and great craftsmanship. Their expertise has been handed down from generation to generation allowing them to produce the highest quality straight razors, hair shears, manicure and pedicure nippers, scissors and shears, manicure sets, and Merkur safety razors which are the choice of demanding customers worldwide. Dovo was founded in 1906, by Carl Dorp and Carl Voos. Employing a staff of thirteen, Dovo was purely a factory producing open razors, with a forge and hollow grinding shop. By 1930, Solingen had become bigger through the incorporation of outlying villages, (including Wald), and the law passed in 1938 to protecting the name of Solingen gave it greater pride and security as well as a still greater sense of local identity. Shortly before the Second World War, the founders wanted to retire and Fritz Bracht took over the DOVO company. A good move, as…

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