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Farfalli Srl Cavatappi d’Autore is located in Maniago, Italy, a town which is famous worldwide for its production of cutlery and long history. In June of 1950, Farfalli was founded by Marino Farfalli, who had previously worked for a large cutlery manufacturer. Their production began with the manufacturing of tourist souvenir pocket knives that had pictures of the most important Italian cities were printed on the handles, as tourism was becoming popular in Italy after WWII. Within a few years, Farfalli’s market expanded from Italy to other countries around the world. Production was diversified and other promotional articles began to be manufactured, including pocket and waiter’s corkscrews. The request for these goods grew and by the 1970s, corkscrew manufacturing became the main line of the company. Farfalli began specializing in this field by studying innovative solutions and new models. They currently produce a wide selection of corkscrews which range from…

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