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From the orange glow of his forge, Jeff Bridgers hammers salvaged steel from an automotive leaf spring into a hand-crafted knife, the high-pitched clang of hammer against soft, hot iron echoing across the horse pastures that surround his shop. Heat from the propane forge fills the space as he moves back and forth between the flame and the anvil. A briarwood pipe hangs from his mouth, and an aura of sweet-smelling English tobacco hovers around his head. Bridgers is a blacksmith, a craftsman, an artist. As the son of a welder, it could be said that the passion for shaping hot metal is in his blood. In older times, a blacksmith’s role in the community was much elevated. The blacksmith was responsible for forging a range of simple machines and tools and, in many cases, even acting as the town animal doctor. Expected to perform such an array of duties,…

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