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Sharpening received on Monday, September 9 through Saturday, September 21 will be ready for pickup on Tuesday, September 24. Sharpening received on Monday, September 23 through Saturday, October 5 will be ready for pickup on Tuesday, October 8.

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The manufacturing of natural handled, traditional, pocket knives was a common business throughout the United States during most of the 20th century, but now, that has become uncommon as there are only a small handful of cutlery manufacturers still remaining in the US. Over the recent years many of the famous cutleries have gone under, and of those that remain only a few actually produce their products on American soil. At Great Eastern Cutlery, they are out of fashion in today’s world of chain stores and imports; preferring to be known for “MADE IN THE USA”. Their manufacturing company, established in Titusville, PA in 2006, has begun a renaissance in classic traditional pocket knives by recreating the old knife patterns as close to authentic as has been seen in 75 years. Blending handcraftsmanship, with traditional manufacturing processes and a few contemporary machine operations to produce high quality classically designed pocket…

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