Sharpening Schedule

All Sharpening dropped-off at Country Knives by 5 PM, Saturday, October 6 will be ready for pickup after 9 AM on Tuesday, October 9.

 Sharpening received on MondayOctober 8 through SaturdayOctober 20 will be ready for pickup on TuesdayOctober 23.

Shop Kitchen Supply

Kitchen Supply Company manufactures and distributes gourmet housewares to the hospitality industry. The company offers stone ovens, knife guards, bakery molds, bowls and bottles, and spatulas. Additionally, it provides glassware and kitchenware products. Kitchen Supply Company was founded in 1978 and is based in Forest Park, Illinois. The original Knife Guards were invented by owner John Roberts when a friend of his who recently moved to Florida asked him to purchase some Henckels knives and send them to him. As he began to wrap them for shipping he was concerned that they would become damaged in transit and possibly puncture the shipping box insuring others. How could he securely mail the knives? On his desk were a stack of clear plastic binders with ‘U’ shaped binder bars … the connection was made when he used the binders to cover the knives’ sharp edges and points. Seeing a marketing niche he…