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ODE TO MAUDIE’S SUPER SQUASH SCOOPER At home in your kitchen It’s there and it’s itchin’ To spring into action And strengthen your hand. There’s just nothin’ like it Occasions ariseth To scoop out a pumpkin A squash or a yam.   Magical Laboratories’ aim is to surprise and delight by offering utterly original creations made right here in the USA. Their motto is “American Made Things You’ve Never Seen Before.” Maudie’s Super Squash Scooper is their flagship product. Others are on the drawing board, itching to jump off. No kitchen should be without one, Westport Island’s Art Weber said about his unique, handmade scooper, Maudie’s Super Squash Scooper. He has found a growing market for it. Tinkering with a number of different designs over many years, he finalized the design by 2008 and was ready to give his idea a try, marketing it as, “Stubbles Peerless Pumpkin Scraper.” He…

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