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The Italian cutlery company Maserin is based in the city of Maniago, which is the center of Italy’s cutlery industry — known as the “city of knives” because of the tradition of artisan blacksmiths. Maserin is a family company that has been able to maintain the prestige of the classic Maniago knives using modern technologies. They give special attention to design features & using unique materials. Maserin produces a wide variety of knife designs, ranging from tactical folding knives over rugged outdoor and hunting knives to very elegant pocket knives. In 1960, Maserin Fervido started making knives after gaining experience similar production for several years. His intention was to produce a high quality range of knives both in design and materials. Today, after over 50 years’ experience, his family continues the tradition by producing high quality knives through modernized knife making processes—using laser, CNC and other current technology, while maintaining…

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