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Self-taught knife maker Hiroaki Ohta specializes in traditional folding knives. His style is a fascinating blend of Japanese influence on traditional simple folders, especially antique pocket knives of Sheffield, England. Hiroaki Ohta is a Japanese knifemaker and world-class craftsman specializing in traditional folding knives. Hiroaki Ohta started making knives in 1989. After seeing a classic ‘Randall #1’ in Japan’s ‘Knife’ magazine. He was inspired by the workmanship and began experimenting with his own knifemaking. Since that time, he has taught himself from books and pictures. His desire is to “keep the price reasonable and offer a good value”. He has long term goal of “making each knife better”. For Ohta, making knives means doing everything by hand: “I don’t know how others think of it, but my concept of knife making is to do all the work by myself.” From heat treatment to stitching the leather sheaths, he does it…

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