Sharpening Schedule:

All Sharpening received on Monday, August 12 through Saturday, August 24 will be ready for pickup on Tuesday, August 27. Sharpening received on Monday, August 26 through Saturday, September 7 will be ready for pickup on Tuesday, September 10.

Shop Premax

Since the nineteenth century, Premana, a picturesque and isolated village in the mountains bordering the Lake Como, has been a renowned center for the production of scissors, shears, knives, and edged tools. Its metalworking roots in the iron-related industry trace back to the Roman Empire times, when significant iron veins were discovered in the region. Scissors production arrived in the 1920s, when a dealer in cutting tools from Milan opened his factory called “Italicus”; slowly the whole village got specialized in knifes and scissors. The local manufacturers, with their modern production processes and carefully selected materials in combination with their attention to detail, satisfy the demanding customer with their high quality European manufacturing methods, more than the Asian competitors’ mass products. The Premax consortium, founded in 1974, deals with the study, design, promotion and sales throughout the world of products made in Premana. Today, the Premax Consortium consists of a…