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All Sharpening received on Monday, August 12 through Saturday, August 24 will be ready for pickup on Tuesday, August 27. Sharpening received on Monday, August 26 through Saturday, September 7 will be ready for pickup on Tuesday, September 10.

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Queen Cutlery Co. has its roots in the Schatt & Morgan knife company of Titusville, PA. The company was originally known as Queen City Cutlery, and in 1946 the name was shortened to Queen Cutlery Company. Knives have been made in the factory of Queen Cutlery Company of Titusville, PA for over 100 years. It is arguably the oldest and last American Cutlery that truly continues to produce knives in the same way as they were produced there when the factory opened in 1902; traditional bench-made American cutlery. John W. Schatt and Charles B. Morgan established the Schatt & Morgan Cutlery Company in 1895. Initially founded as the “New York Cutlery Company” (not to be confused with the well-known New York Knife Company) the pair opened an office in New York City sometime in 1896. By 1897, they moved to Schatt’s hometown of Gowanda NY, and in July of 1897…

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