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Shop Robert David

In 1919, Anna David who lost her husband during the war, decided to partner with his brother in law and found the Peylaire David Society for manufacturing cutlery. This initiative was quite modern for the time. Indeed, manufactures cutlery employ workers, who are working generally at home, each specialized in mounting or polishing knives. Admittedly, at first, the workshop is made up of many little things: a great millstone to grind the blades, a small bench for mounting the knives, and some molds used in a hot forming the horn for knife handles. In 1947 his two sons, Roger and Maurice, returning from Germany where they had been taken prisoner, took over the company. Their partnership gave a tremendous boost to the company. They built a factory in the village of Lombard. All the families of this village are involved in the development of the factory, and in 1950 more…

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