Sharpening Schedule

All Sharpening dropped-off at Country Knives by 5 PM, Saturday, October 6 will be ready for pickup after 9 AM on Tuesday, October 9.

 Sharpening received on MondayOctober 8 through SaturdayOctober 20 will be ready for pickup on TuesdayOctober 23.

Shop S.A.Wetterlings

Wetterlings began as a collaboration between two brothers, Sven Axel and Otto Wetterling. In 1880, Sven Axel started making axes to supply Sweden’s booming forestry industry—at the time, the country was very rural and filled with forests. Otto, an engineer, studied new industrial technologies in America. His technical knowledge paired with centuries of Swedish steel-making and forestry tradition to make Wetterlings instantly prosperous. The company thrived for decades, making axes for the large part of the Swedish population that worked in forestry. Beginning in the 1940s, however, chainsaws began to overtake axes as the primary tool for woodcutting. Many forges tried to make cheaper axes to compete, but this era saw a lot of axe companies go bankrupt. Wetterlings took a different approach—they returned to their roots and started making heirloom axes especially for people who are seeking high-quality tools. Their company philosophy: You cannot really own antique axe forges…

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