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General Norman Schwarzkopf wrote about the Sliver Gripper after Desert Storm: “I have never had a pair of tweezers in my life that was worth a damn. Now I do and I appreciate it very much.”Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper is all about an American success story. Uncle Bill’s model of an 100% American made quality tool that is still hand polished and hand sharpened is still practiced today just as Uncle Bill did 30 years ago. The Sliver Gripper is made from a patented design that is unique in both shape and functionality. This design differentiates the Sliver Gripper from all other tweezers and allows its’ practical uses to be unlimited. Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper™ is a unique precision manufactured item that is a favorite for First Aid usage, but has become renowned for its’ ability to be used in countless applications. The countless uses of the Sliver Gripper are…

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