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Wenger is known as the maker of “The Genuine Swiss Army Knife”, and their history is strongly linked to the history of the Swiss Army knife. Dating back to 1886, the Swiss Army decided to equip every soldier with a regulation single-blade folding knife. In 1889, a new rifle was introduced. To disassemble the rifle, a screwdriver was needed. So a decision was made to create a multi-purpose tool incorporating a knife, screwdriver, reamer and can-opener – the Swiss Army Knife was born. At that time, the cutlery industry in Switzerland was well established, but incapable of mass production so the initial knives were made in Solingen, Germany. In 1891, Karl Elsener (Victorinox) established the Association of Swiss Master Cutlers. As a result, he is able to deliver the first major supply of to the Swiss Army. Two years later, the Swiss cutlery company Paul Boéchat & Cie, which later…

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