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The roots of Westmark GmbH go back to 1956 when Hubert Deimel founded a company producing and selling a potato peeler. Nowadays Westmark has a large assortment of kitchen tools and gadgets and is proud to produce still a large proportion of its products in Germany. Westmark products are designed to make cooking and life in the kitchen easier. Westmark’s head office is located in Lennestadt-Elspe, in the beautiful Sauerland. Large parts of the production, the entire stock and the administration are located here. There is another, smaller production unit in Wittelsberg. There are three brand ranges under the umbrella of Westmark GmbH: Westmark which produces kitchen gadgets and household goods for home kitchens, Monopol which producs high-quality tools for gourmets and wine enthusiasts, and Saleen which makes placemats and food-safe, dishwasher-safe woven baskets made from a special synthetic material. With more than 130 permanent employees Westmark produce a large…

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