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All Sharpening received on Monday, May 20 through Saturday, June 1 will be ready for pickup on Tuesday, June 4Sharpening received on Monday, June 3 through Saturday, June 15 will be ready for pickup on Tuesday, June 18.

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Wilkinson Sword was founded by Henry Nock in 1772 in London. A century later, that small storefront business introduced the razor that would redefine shaving. However, over time the company began to diversify and develop its product lines, going on to manufacturer a wide range of items such as bayonets, typewriters, garden shears, scissors and even motorcycles! Nock’s grandson, Henry Wilkinson, expanded business into sword making, establishing Wilkinson Sword Co., LTD. In 1890, Wilkinson Sword started to produce cut-throat, or straight razors. The company also began to develop other cutting edges, and particularly, one of the first safety razor designs. By 1896, the company had hit upon a new design featuring a hollow, rounded singe-edged blade. That razor became known as the Pall Mall, launched in 1898. Cutting edges remained a company staple with the company’s production became vital to the British war effort during World War I, with a…

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