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Yaxell has been a major knife supplier in Japan since 1932. They have contributed to the advancement of knife technology, and supply superior quality kitchen knives to hotel and restaurant chefs around the world. The outstanding edges of Yaxell knives has been achieved by combining advanced technology with unsurpassed knowledge and expertise of the craftsmen making these professional kitchen knives. Their skills have been cultivated in traditional Japanese sword making techniques, handed down from generation to generation over seven centuries in Seki, Japan, the capital of swords and knives. These top quality knives are now available to discerning home chefs as kitchen knives exist as essential products in our daily lives. This is the reason why Yaxell continues to strive for the kind of quality knife that customers not only want, but need. To that end, Yaxell was tasked to create the Yaxell Dragon series for Apogee Culinary Designs. Combining…

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